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About Events By Pierre

At Events By Pierre, we're committed to turning the event of your dreams into a beautiful reality. We hold ourselves up to a standard of delivering customized service aligned with the personal expectations of each and every client.

Events By Pierre is based in Columbia, SC; but there's no limit to the distances we'll travel to deliver the ultimate experience for our clients! When we were first developed  in 2015 we were known as Beautiful Life Creations. The company, now known as Events By Pierre,'was re-developed in 2019.


The vision was first brought into existence when a friend was in need and our Founder, Martina Pierre Jones volunteered. With her keen eye and desire of perfection, the passion for design was quickly realized. Since that day, we have used our talents and aspirations to make sure everyone has the opportunity for an amazing event. 


Meet the Founder!

Mrs. Martina Pierre-Jones

Meet the TEAM

alex jone(1)_edited.jpg

           Alex Jones                                  Hazelia Jones                        Stephanie Maldonaldo                     Chris Jones

        Lead Engineer                                 Manager                                    Asst. Designer                               Engineer

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